Many graduate students are also actively engaged in the Center for the Study of Social Movements. Graduate students present papers in SPAM, actively work to publish social movements related research, engage professionally as editors of Mobilizing Ideas, and are the core of the center's efforts. Below are the graduate students currently involved in the center along with their areas of research interests.

Paige Ambord

Paige Ambord
Areas of Interest: Social Movements, Place and Place-Making, Sociological Theory

Emmanuel Cannady

Gcs7616 1031
Areas of Study: 
Race & Ethnicity, Social Movements, Gender, Sexuality, Stratification

Matthew Chandler

Matthew Chandler
Areas of Interest: Social Movements and Politics, Culture, Social Networks, Social Theory

Shanna Corner

Shanna Corner
Areas of Interest: Political Sociology, Religion, Comparative/Historical, Theory, Human Rights

Stefanie Israel de Souza

Areas of Interest: Global Sociology, Urban Marginality, Policing, Criminology, Political Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Theory

Leslie MacColman

Leslie MacColman
Areas of Interest: Political Sociology, Peace & Conflict, Social Movements, Culture, Theory

Sarah Neitz

Areas of Interest: Culture, Social Movements, Sociology of Art, Revolutionary Movements, Authoritarian Regimes

Peter Ryan

Peter Ryan
Areas of Interest: Religion, Social Movements, Theory, Culture

Marshall Taylor

Mtaylor Pic2

Areas of Interest: Culture and Cognition; Social Movements; Sociological Theory; Computational Social Science

Justin Van Ness


Areas of Interest: Culture, Social Movements and Collective Behavior, Microsociology, Social Control/Deviance, Sociological Theory, Qualitative Methods, and Religion

Luiz Vilaca

Areas of interest
: Political Sociology, Social Movements, Organizations, State Administration and Policy Process 

Monica Yadav

Monika Yadav
Areas of Interest: Labor Movements, Political Sociology, Economic Sociology, Social Networks