McCarthy Award

2017 McCarthy Award Winner!



David has authored or edited six books and published well over 100 articles, book reviews, and reports that have shaped our thinking about social movements and contentious politics for several decades. Those who nominated him for the award also emphasized his tireless work as a conscientious mentor. Indeed, a group of his current and former students praised him for the attention he has given to their developing work while also characterizing him as a “constant cheerleader” who is “fully invested in supporting young scholars.” The Center for the Study of Social Movements at the University of Notre Dame is very pleased to announce that the winner of the 2017 John D. McCarthy Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Scholarship of Social Movements and Collective Behavior is David Meyer of the University of California at Irvine. The award not only recognizes David’s extraordinary achievements in research, but also the role that he has played in mentoring successive generations of scholars.  

This year’s award ceremony will be held on April 1, 2017 on the Notre Dame campus. David will be giving a public lecture prior to the award banquet. At the banquet, several of his friends, colleagues and former students will be on hand to offer reflections on his work and influence on the field.  

In conjunction with the presentation of the McCarthy Award, the Center for the Study of Social Movements will also be hosting the eight annual Young Scholars in Social Movements Conference on March 31, 2017. Advanced graduate students and recently minted PhD’s will be invited to present their work and receive feedback from the McCarthy Award winner and a distinguished panel of senior scholars in the field. A call for nominations for the Young Scholars Conference will be issued in a separate announcement.

We hope that many of you will mark your calendars and plan to join us for these events. Please be on the lookout for more information in the coming days and weeks—including instructions on how to apply for the Young Scholars Conference. We will distribute the news on the CBSM listserv and also post the news on our Center’s website


Former Winners:

Kathy Blee 1

2016 - Kathleen Blee

McCarthy Lecture: "The (un)happy Marriage of Far Right Studies and Social Movement Theory"

A Few Classic Publications:

  • Blee, Kathleen. 2002. Inside Organized Racism: Women in the Hate Movement. University of California Press.
  • Blee, Kathleen. 1991. Women in the Klan: Racism and Gender in the 1920s. University of California Press.
  • Billings, Dwight B. and Kathleen M. Blee. 2000. The Road to Poverty: The Making of Wealth and Hardship in Appalachia 


Sidney Tarrow

2015 – Sidney Tarrow

McCarthy Lecture: "Only Connect": The Relational Persuasion in Contentious Politics Research."

A Few Classic Publications:

  • Tarrow, Sidney. 2005. The New Transnational Activism.
  • McAdam, Doug, Sidney Tarrow, and Charles Tilly. 2001. Dynamics of Contention.
  • Tarrow, Sidney. 1994. Power in Movement: Social Movements, Collective Action, and Politics.


2014 – Bert Klandermans

Bert Klandermans

McCarthy Lecture: “The Virtue of Comparison: on Times, Places, Issues, and Activities.”

A Few Classic Publications:

  • Klandermans, Bert. 1997. The Social Psychology of Protest. Blackwell Publishers.
  • Klandermans, Bert. 1995. Social Movements and Culture. Routledge.
  • Klandermans, Bert, and Dirk Oegema. 1987. "Potentials, Networks, Motivations, and Barriers: Steps Towards Participation in Social Movements." American Sociological Review 52(4): 519-531.

2013 – David Snow

David Snow

McCarthy Lecture: "Social Movements, Framing Processes, and Cultural Revitalization and Fabrication."

A Few Classic Publications:

  • Snow, David A., Sarah Soule, and Hanspeter Kriesi. 2004. The Blackwell Companion to Social Movements. Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Snow, David A., E. Burke Rochford Jr, Steven K. Worden, and Robert D. 1986. Benford. "Frame alignment processes, micromobilization, and movement participation." American Sociological Review 51(4): 464-81.
  • Snow, David A., Louis A. Zurcher Jr, and Sheldon Ekland-Olson. 1980. "Social networks and social movements: A microstructural approach to differential recruitment." American Sociological Review  45(5): 787-801.

2012 – Pamela Oliver

Pamela Oliver

McCarthy Lecture: "Making Ethnicity and Class Central in Social Movement Theorizing"

A Few Classic Publications:

  • Marwell, Gerald, and Pamela Oliver. 1993. The Critical Mass in Collective Action. Cambridge University Press.
  • Oliver, Pamela. 1984. "'If You Don't Do It, Nobody Else Will': Active and Token Contributors to Local Collective Action." American Sociological Review 49(5): 601-610.
  • Oliver, Pamela. 1980. "Rewards and Punishments as Selective Incentives for Collective Action: Theoretical Investigations." American Journal of Sociology 85(6): 1356-1375.

2011 – William Gamson

William Gamson

McCarthy Lecture: “From Outsiders to Insiders: The Changing Perception of Emotional Culture Among Social Movement Scholars"

A Few Classic Publications:

  • Gamson, William A. 1992. Talking Politics. Cambridge University Press.
  • Gamson, William A. 1975. The Strategy of Social Protest. Homewood, IL: Dorsey Press.
  • Gamson, William A. 1968. Power and Discontent. Homewood, IL: Dorsey Press.

2010 – Doug McAdam

Doug McAdam

A Few Classic Publications:

  • McAdam, Doug, Sidney Tarrow, and Charles Tilly. 2001. Dynamics of Contention. Cambridge University Press.
  • McAdam, Doug. 1990. Freedom Summer. Oxford University Press.
  • McAdam, Doug. 1982. Political Process and the Development of Black Insurgency, 1930-1970. University of Chicago Press.

2009 – Mayer Zald

Mayer Zald

A Few Classic Publications:

  • Zald, Mayer N., and John D. McCarthy. 1987. Social Movements in an Organizational Society. Transaction Pub.
  • McCarthy, John D., and Mayer N. Zald. 1977. "Resource Mobilization and Social Movements: A Partial Theory." American Journal of Sociology 82(6): 1212-1241.
  • Zald, Mayer N., and Roberta Ash. 1966. "Social Movement Organizations: Growth, Decay and Change." Social Forces 44(3): 327-341.

2008 – Verta Taylor

Verta Taylor

A Few Classic Publications:

  • Taylor, Verta, and Nancy E. Whittier. 1999. "Collective Identity in Social Movement Communities: Lesbian Feminist." Pp. 169-194 in Waves of Protest: Social Movements Since the Sixties.
  • Rupp, Leila J., and Verta A. Taylor. 1990. Survival in the Doldrums: The American Women's Rights Movement, 1945 to the 1960s. Ohio State University Press.
  • Taylor, Verta. 1989. "Social Movement Continuity: The Women's Movement in Abeyance." American Sociological Review 54(5): 761-775.

2007 – John D. McCarthy

John D

A Few Classic Publications:

  • McCarthy, John D., Clark McPhail, and Jackie Smith. 1996. "Images of Protest: Dimensions of Selection Bias in Media Coverage of Washington Demonstrations, 1982 and 1991." American Sociological Review 61(3): 478-499.
  • Zald, Mayer N., and John D. McCarthy. 1987. Social Movements in an Organizational Society. Transaction Pub.
  • McCarthy, John D., and Mayer N. Zald. 1977. "Resource Mobilization and Social Movements: A Partial Theory." American Journal of Sociology 82(6): 1212-1241.


Winners of McCarthy Award

Former winners at the 2013 event, from right to left: Pam Oliver, John McCarthy, David Snow, Doug McAdam, and Verta Taylor