Sample Grants

The Center has been able to support the research work of several graduate students at the University of Notre Dame with small grants throughout this past year. Below are brief reports about these funded projects.


Kevin Estep: "Consistently Conservative or Consistently Liberal"

Mr. Estep secured funding to purchase data to assist on a project that looks at an interesting paradox: in the U.S., parties have succeeded or failed based on their ability to create ideological consistency which spans both cultural and economic issues, but it appears that no such consistency exists at the individual level. Through the center's funding, Kevin is now able to investigate this paradox and combine individual- and county-level data that allows for a more powerful multi-level analysis.


David Everson: "The View from the Gallery: A Theory of Social Movements and Bystander Publics"

The center was able to fund part of Mr. Everson's travel to St. Paul, MN to conduct archival research on the American Indian Movement at the Minnesota Historical Society. The collected historical data will form the foundation of his upcoming dissertation, tentatively entitled "The View from the Gallery: A Theory of Social Movements and Bystander Publics."

Felicia Morales: "Rites of Passage: Mexican American Women and the American Middle Class, 1941-1955"

The center was able to help fund travel for Ms. Morales's collection of primary sources, located in the Voces Oral History Project at the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection at the University of Texas-Austin. In this collection there are over 500 taped interviews of Latinos who discuss their experiences during and after World War II. These oral histories will reveal how Mexican American women exploited the post-war economic boom to establish a cultural and socioeconomic framework that led to significant change for all Mexican Americans in the 1950s.