The Center for the Study of Social Movements is a leading center of research, by both faculty and graduate students. Below are selected publications from 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012. See the bookshelf for faculty books and the archive for former publications.

2016 Selected Publications

Andrews, Kenneth, Kraig Beyerlein, and Tuneka Tucker. 2016. “The Legitimacy of Protest: Explaining White Southerners’ Attitudes Toward the Civil Rights Movement.” Social Forces 94(3): 1021-1044.

Crubaugh, Bryant. (Forthcoming). “Diversity, Poverty, and Resources: The Role of Incentives and Capacity in the Presence of Highly Resourced Neighborhood Associations.” Sociological Focus.

Estep, Kevin. (Forthcoming). "Constructing a Language Problem: Status-based Power Devaluation and the Threat of Immigrant Inclusion." Sociological Perspectives.

Van Ness, Justin, and Erika Summers-Effler. 2016. “Reimagining Collective Behavior.” Handbook of Contemporary Sociological Theory.

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2015 Selected Publications

Beyerlein, Kraig, Sarah Soule, and Nancy Martin. 2015 “Prayers, Protest, and Police: How Religion Influences Police Presence at Collective Action Events in the United States, 1960-1995.” American Sociological Review 80(6): 1250-1271.

Carnesecca, Cole. 2015. “Voice of the Masses: the Internet and Responsive Authoritarianism in China”. In Urban Mobilization and New Media in Contemporary China. Edited by Hanspieter Kriesi. Farnham: Ashgate.

MacColman, Leslie. 2015. "The Central Arguments of Isaac Ariail Reed’s Interpretation and Social Knowledge.“ Czech Sociological Review 51(3): 475-486.

Summers-Effler, Erika, and Hyunjin Deborah Kwak. 2015. “Weber’s Missing Mystics: Inner-Worldly Mystical Practices and the Micro Potential for Social Change.” Theory and Society 44(3): 251-282.

Taylor, Marshall A., and Carol Rambo. 2015 [2013]. "White Shame, White Pride: Emotional Cultures, Feeling Rules, and Emotion Exemplars in White Supremacist Movement Music." International Journal of Crime, Criminal Justice, and Law.

Abrutyn, Seth and Justin Van Ness. 2015. "Institutional Entrepreneurship as Sociocultural Analogy to Biological Mutation: Considering One Source of Institutional Evolution." Thesis Eleven 1-26.

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2014 Selected Publications

Beyerlein, Kraig and Christopher J. Eberle. 2014. “Who Violates the Principles of Political Liberalism? Religion, Restraint, and Rejection of Same-Sex Marriage” Politics and Religion 7:240-264.

Johnston, Hank and Cole Carnesecca. 2014. “Fear Management in Contemporary Anti-authoritarian and Oppositions” in From Silence to Protest: International Perspectives on Weakly Resourced Groups, edited by Didier Chabanet and Frédéric Royall. Farnham: Ashgate.

Farrell, Justin. 2014. “Moral Outpouring:  Shock and Generosity in the Aftermath of the BP Oil Spill.”  Social Problems 61(3): 482-506.

McVeigh, Rory. 2014. "What's New About the Tea Party." Pp. 15-34 in Understanding the Tea Party, edited by David Meyer and Nella Van Dyke.  Burlington, VT: Ashgate.

McVeigh, Rory, Kraig Beyerlein, Burrel Vann Jr., and Priyamvada Trivedi. 2014. "Educational Segregation, Tea Party Organizations, and Battles over Distributive Justice." American Sociological Review 79(4): 630-652.

McVeigh, Rory, David Cunningham, and Justin Farrell. 2014. "Political Polarization as a Social Movement Outcome: 1960s Klan Activism and Its Enduring Impact on Political Realignment in Southern Counties, 1960 to 2000." American Sociological Review 79(6): 1144-1171.

See a summary of article posted on the Politics and Policy blog of the London School for Economics

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2013 Selected Publications

Beyerlein, Kraig, and Stephen Vaisey. 2013. "Individualism revisited: Moral worldviews and civic engagement." Poetics 41(4): 384-406.
Botting, Eileen. 2013. "Making an American Feminist Icon: Mary Wollstonecrafts Reception in US Newspapers, 1800-1869." History of Political Thought 34(2): 273-95.
Davenport, Christian, and Priyamvada Trivedi. 2013. "Activism and awareness Resistance, cognitive activation, and ‘seeing’untouchability among 98,316 Dalits." Journal of Peace Research 50(3): 369-83.
Nordås, Ragnhild, and Christian Davenport. 2013. "Fight the Youth: Youth Bulges and State Repression." American Journal of Political Science 57(4): 926-40.
Escher, Daniel. 2013. "How Does Religion Promote Forgiveness? Linking Beliefs, Orientations, and Practices." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52(1): 100-119.
Farrell, Justin. 2013. "Environmental Activism and Moral Schemas: Cultural Components of Differential Participation." Environment and Behavior 45(3): 399-423.
Fishman, Robert M., and Omar Lizardo. 2013. "How Macro-Historical Change Shapes Cultural Taste: Legacies of Democratization in Spain and Portugal." American Sociological Review 78(2): 213-239.
Krinsky, John, and Ann Mische. 2013. "Formations and Formalisms: Charles Tilly and the Paradox of the Actor." Annual Review of Sociology 39(1).
Verdeja, Ernesto. 2013. "Inherited Responsibility and The Challenge of Political Reconciliation." Pp. 56-78 in Jun-Hyeok Kwak and Melissa Nobles, eds. Historical Reconciliation and Inherited Responsibility. New York, Routledge.
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2012 Selected Publications

Davenport, Christian, and Cyanne Loyle. 2012. "The States Must Be Crazy: Dissent and the Puzzle of Repressive Persistence." International Journal of Conflict and Violence 6(1): 75-95.
Fishman, Robert M. 2012. "Anomalies of Spain's Economy and Economic Policy-making." Contributions to Political Economy 31(1): 67-76.
McVeigh, Rory, and David Cunningham. 2012. "Enduring Consequences of Right-Wing Extremism: Klan Mobilization and Homicides in Southern Counties." Social Forces 90(3): 843-62.
Myers, Daniel J. and Kevin Estep. 2012. "North Central Sociological Association 2012 Ruth and John Useem Plenary Address. Political Renewal: Occupations, Springs and Tea Parties." Sociological Focus 45(4): 274-284.
Vaidyanathan, Brandon. 2012. “Professionalism ‘from below’: Mobilization Potential in Indian Call Centres.” Work, Employment, and Society. 26 (2):211-27.
Verdeja, Ernesto. 2012. "The Political Science of Genocide: Outlines of an Emerging Research Agenda." Perspectives on Politics 10(2): 307-321.
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