See below for selected articles and book chapters of currently affiliated faculty and by graduate students, completed while at Notre Dame, since 2005. To jump to a specific year, use the following: 2011, 2010, 2009; 2008; 2007; 2006; 2005.

2011 Selected Publications

Beyerlein, Kraig, Jenny Trinitapoli, and Gary Adler. 2011. "The Effect of Religious Short‐Term Mission Trips on Youth Civic Engagement." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 50(4): 780-795.
Hausmann, Chris, Amy Jonason, and Erika Summers‐Effler. 2011. "Interaction Ritual Theory and Structural Symbolic Interactionism." Symbolic Interaction 34(3): 319-329.
Farrell, Justin. 2011. “Environmental Activism and Moral Schemas: Cultural Components of Differential Participation.” Environment and Behavior 20(5): 1-25.
Fishman, Robert M. 2011. "Democratic Practice After the Revolution: the Case of Portugal and Beyond." Politics & Society 39(2): 233-267.
McVeigh, Rory, Josh Dinsman, Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, and Priyamvada Trivedi. 2011. "Obama vs. Clinton: Categorical Boundaries and Intra-Party Electoral Outcomes." Social Problems 58(1): 47-68.

2010 Selected Publications

Fishman, Robert M. 2010. "Rethinking the Iberian Transformations: How Democratization Scenarios Shaped Labor Market Outcomes." Studies in Comparative International Development (SCID) 45(3): 281-310.
McDonnell, Terence E. 2010. “Cultural Objects as Objects: Materiality, Urban Space, and the Interpretation of AIDS Media in Accra, Ghana.” American Journal of Sociology 115(6): 1800-1852.
Myers, Daniel J. 2010. "Violent Protest and Heterogeneous Diffusion Processes: The Spread of US Racial Rioting from 1964 to 1971." Mobilization 15(3): 289-321.

Somma, Nicolás M. 2010."How do Voluntary Organizations Foster Protest? The Role of Organizational Involvement on Individual Protest Participation.‟ The Sociological Quarterly 51(3): 384-407.
Verdeja, Ernesto. 2010. "Genocide: Clarifying Concepts and Causes of Cruelty." Review of Politics 72(3): 513-526.
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2009 Selected Publications

Davenport, Christian. 2009. “Regimes, Repertoires and State Repression.” Swiss Political Science Review 15(2): 377-385.

Davenport, Christian, and Sarah Soule. 2009. “Velvet Glove, Iron Fist or Even Hand? Protest Policing in the United States, 1960-1990." Mobilization 14(1): 1-22.

Fishman, Robert. 2009. “On the Costs of Conceptualizing Social Ties as Social Capital,” Chapter three in Social Capital: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, Viva Bartkus and Jim Davis, (eds.). Edward Elgar Press.

McVeigh, Rory, and Maria Diaz. 2009. “Voting to Ban Same-Sex Marriage: Social Structure and Threats to Interests, Values, and Communities.” American Sociological Review 74(6): 891-915.

Mische, Ann. 2009. "Projects and Possibilities: Researching Futures in Action." Sociological Forum 24(3): 694-704.

Verdeja, Ernesto. 2009. "Repair and Justice in Latin America." In State Violence and Genocide in Latin America: The Cold War Years, Marcia Esparza, Henry Huttenbach, and Daniel Feierstein, eds. Routledge.

Verdeja, Ernesto. 2009. "Adorno’s Mimesis and its Limitations for Critical Social Thought." The European Journal of Political Theory 8(4): 493-511.

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2008 Selected Publications

Beyerlein, Kraig and Kenneth Andrews. 2008. “Black Voting During the Civil Rights Movement: A Micro-Level Analysis.” Social Forces 87(1): 65-93.

Beyerlein, Kraig and David Sikkink. 2008. “Sorrow and Solidarity: Why Americans Volunteered for 9/11 Relief Efforts.” Social Problems 55(2): 190-215.

McDonnell, Terence E. 2008. “The (re)Presentation of an Epidemic in Everyday Life.” Social Psychology Quarterly 71(4): 321-323.

Mische, Ann. 2008. "Remembering Charles Tilly." Social Movement Studies 7: 213-233.

Myers, Daniel J. and Pamela E. Oliver. 2008. "The Opposing Forces Diffusion Model: The Initiation and Repression of Collective Violence." Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict 1(2): 164-189.

Verdeja, Ernesto. 2008. "A Critical Theory of Reparative Justice." Constellations 15(2): 208-222.

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2007 Selected Publications

Botting, Eileen Hunt. 2007. “Crossing Borders and Bridging Generations: Mary   Wollstonecraft’s Rights of Woman as the Traveling Feminist Classic.”  Women’s Studies Quarterly 35(3&4): 296-301.

Davenport, Christian. 2007. “State Repression and Political Order.” Annual Review of Political Science 10:1-23.

Davenport, Christian. 2007. “State Repression and the Tyrannical Peace.” Journal of Peace Research 44(4): 485-504.

Fishman, Robert. 2007. “Triumphs, failures and ambiguities in democratization: Juan Linz and the study of regime change”, Chapter two in Roads to Democracy: A Tribute to Juan J. Linz., Joan Marcet and José Ramón Montero (eds.). Barcelona: Institut de Ciències Polítiques i Socials.

Fine, Gary Alan, and Terence McDonnell. 2007. “Erasing the Brown Scare: Referential Afterlife and the Power of Memory Templates.” Social Problems 54(2): 170-187.

McVeigh, Rory, and Juliana Sobolewski. "Red Counties, Blue Counties, and Occupational Segregation by Sex and Race." American Journal of Sociology 113(2): 446-506.

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2006 Selected Publications

Beyerlein, Kraig and John R. Hipp. 2006. “A Two-Stage Model for a Two-Stage Process: How Biographical Availability Matters for Social Movement Mobilization.” Mobilization 11(3): 219-240.

Beyerlein, Kraig and John R. Hipp. 2006. “From Pews to Participation: The Effect of Congregation Activity and Context on Bridging Civic Engagement.” Social Problems 53(1): 97-117.

Botting, Eileen Hunt, and Sarah L. Houser. 2006. "'Drawing the Line of Equality’: Hannah Mather Crocker on Women’s Rights.” American Political Science Review 100(2): 265-278. 

McVeigh, Rory. 2006. “Structural Influences on Activism and Crime: Identifying the Social Structure of Discontent." American Journal of Sociology 112(2): 510-566.

McVeigh, Rory, Carl Neblett, and Sarah Shafiq. 2006. “Explaining Social Movement Outcomes: Multiorganizational Fields and Hate Crime Reporting.” Mobilization 11(1): 23-49.

Verdeja, Ernesto. 2006. “A Normative Theory of Reparations in Transitional Democracies." Metaphilosophy 37(3/4): 449-468.

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2005 Selected Publications

Beyerlein, Kraig and John R. Hipp. 2005. “Social Capital, Too Much of a Good Thing? American Religious Traditions and Community Crime.” Social Forces 84(2): 991-1009.

Davenport, Christian. 2005. “Understanding Covert Repressive Action: The Case of the US Government Against the Republic of New Africa.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 49(1): 120-140.

McVeigh, Rory, and David Sikkink. 2005. “Organized Racism and the Stranger.” Sociological Forum 20(4): 497-522.

Ortiz, David G., Daniel J. Myers, N. Eugene Walls, and Maria-Elena D. Diaz. 2005. "Where Do We Stand with Newspaper Data?" Mobilization 10(3): 397-419.

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