2011 Conference

The Second Annual 2011 Young Scholars of Social Movements Conference schedule is below.

Session 1: Social Movements and Culture

Discussant: Charlotte Ryan University of Massachusetts at Lowell

Amy Jonason University of Notre Dame. “Action in the Key of ‘Neighbor’: Revisiting Framing Processes in a Catholic Worker Initiative”
Betsy Leondar-Wright Boston College. “Class Culture Differences in Social Movement Groups”
Daisy Verduzco Reyes University of California at Irvine. “Latino Student Politics: Constructing Ethnic Identities in Organizations”
Grace Yukich Princeton University. “Religion as a Double-Edged Sword: Religion and Immigration Politics in the New Sanctuary Movement”

Session 2: Recruitment and Tactics

Discussant: Dick Flacks University of California at Santa Barbara

Remy Cross University of California at Irvine. “The Dynamic Interplay among Movement Goals, Strategy, and Tactics: The Cases of Two Anti-Authoritarian Movements”
Christopher Hausmann University of Notre Dame. “Temporal Brokerage and Contentious Politics”
Elizabeth Williamson Rutgers University. “Emotional Chains and Movement Recruitment”
Chris Zepeda-Millán Cornell University. “Weapons of the [Not So] Weak: Asset-Based Migrant Mass Mobilization in El Nuevo South”

Session 3: Movement Origins and Trajectories

Discussant: Mayer Zald University of Michigan

David G. Ortiz Tulane University. “Aftershocks and Ripple Effects: Exploring the Impact of Mexico’s 1985 Earthquake on Social Movement Development”
David Pettinicchio University of Washington. “The Rise of the Disability Rights Movement”
Patrick Rafail Pennsylvania State University. “The Structural Sources of Variability in Protest Policing: Evidence from Major U.S. Cities, 1996-2006”
Erica Simmons University of Chicago. “Resource Rebellion: A Theory of Subsistence Resources and Social Protest”

Session 4: Mobilization and Globalization

Discussant: David Meyer University of California at Irvine

Lyndi Hewitt Hofstra University. “Empowering Women or Toppling Global Capital? Organizational Influences on the Discursive Choices of Transnational Feminist Networks”
Elizabeth Holzer University of Connecticut. “Political Fear and Political Hope in the Face of Humanitarian Care”
Jung-eun Lee University of Southern California. “No American Beef": the Political and Cultural Conditions for Anti-U.S. Beef Protests in South Korea”
Patricia Rodriguez Ithaca College. “Labor and Community Organizations in Alliance? Alternative Development Visions in the Caribbean Regions of Columbia”