2015 Conference

The Sixth Annual Young Scholars in Social movements Conference schedule is below

Session 1

Discussant Doug McAdam, Stanford University, Presider Kevin Estep, University of Notre Dame

Aliza Luft. University of Wisconsin. “Explaining French Bishops’ Support for Statut des Juifs.”

Rottem Sagi. University of California, Irvine. “Threats, Resources, and Coalition Growth in the American Pro-Israel Movement.”

Jonathan S. Coley. Vanderbilt University. “Divided over Belonging: Cultural Underpinnings of Commitment to LGBT Religious Activism.”

Stacy J. Williams. University of California, San Diego. “Personal Prefigurative Politics: Cooking Up an Ideal Society in the Temperance and Suffrage Movements, 1870-1920.”

Session 2

Discussant: Devashree Gupta, Carleton College, Presider: Leslie MacColman, University of Notre Dame

Matthew J. Chandler. University of Notre Dame. “Civil Resistance and the Processes of Contentious Transition in Egypt, 2010-2015.”

Neil Ketchley. University of Oxford. “The Repression of Protest after the Egyptian Coup of July 2013.”

Nicole Fox. University of New Hampshire. “Resisting Genocidal Violence: Narratives of Rwandan Rescuers.”

Kamilla Petrick. Ryerson University. “Time, Technology, and Troublemakers: The Speed Fetish in Contemporary Global Social Movements.”

Session 3

Discussant: Sarah Soule, Stanford University, Presider: William Cernanec, University of Notre Dame

Heidi Reynolds-Stenson. University of Arizona. "Protesting the Police: Anti-Police Brutality Claims as a Predictor of Police Repression of Protest.”

Abhinav Gupta. The Pennsylvania State University. “How do Organizational Ideologies Affect Corporate Responses to Social Activist Protest?”

Beth Gharrity Gardner. University of California, Irvine. “‘Send My Message’ versus ‘Make Me News’: The Mass-Mediated Construction of Legitimacy for Social Movement Organizations.”

Bryant Crubaugh. University of Notre Dame. “Not All Civic Action is Equal: Two Types of Civic Association and their Disparate Effects on Well-Being at Two Levels of Analysis.”

Session 4

Discussant: David Meyer, University of California, Irvine. Presider: Danielle Fulmer, University of Notre Dame

Amanda Buday. Southern Illinois, Carbondale. “Beating Back the Frack Attack: Cooperation and Conflict in Opposition to Shale Development.”   

Fedor Dokshin. Cornell University. “Whose Backyard and What’s at Stake? Dynamics of Local Anti-Fracking Ordinance Adoption in New York State, 2010-2013.”

Mohammad Ali Kadivar. University of North Carolina. “Popular Transitions and the Fate of Young Democracies.” 

Yang Zhang. University of Chicago. “From Militias to Insurgents: Rebellious Transformation in Qing China, 1853-1862.”