2017 Conference

The Seventh Annual Young Scholars in Social movements Conference schedule is below

Session 1

Discussant: Deana Rohlinger, Florida State University​, Presider: Will Cernanec, University of Notre Dame

Marcus L. Mann. Duke University. “The Differentiation of Cognitive Authority, Constraint of Beliefs, and the Spread of Fake News.”

Trent Steidly. University of Denver. “From Their Cold Dead Hands: Power Devaluation and Gun Rights Mobilization 1981-2010.”  

David W. Everson. University of Notre Dame. “Red Power, White Discourse.”

Burrel Vann Jr. University of California, Irvine. “The Marijuana Movement, Discourse, and Legalization.”

Session 2

Discussant: Suzanne Staggenborg, University of Pittsburgh, Presider: Emmanuel Cannady, University of Notre Dame

Erica J. Dollhopf. Pennsylvania State University. “Breaking Glass Ceiling Early and Often? Female Leaders of Advocacy Organizations, 1960-2009.” 

Brad R. Fulton. Indiana University. “Engaging Differences: How Socially Diverse Organizations Access and Mobilize Resources to Increase Effectiveness.”  

Christopher M. Rea. University of California, Los Angeles. "Sheep in Wolfs' Clothing? Mobilization, bureaucrat activists, and regulatory subterfuge in American and German environmental policy"

Diego F. Leal. University of Massachusetts. “Shut the Damn Thing Down! Mass Transit Shutdowns as a Tactical Innovation in Bogotá Colombia.”    

Session 3

Discussant: Sidney Tarrow, Cornell University, Presider: Paige Ambord, University of Notre Dame

LaGina D. Gause. Harvard University. “Why David Usually (?) Wins? Organizational Resources and Legislative Behavior Following Protest.”

Luyang Zhou. McGill University. “Repression and Ideological Shift: Comparing the Russian and Chinese Communist Revolutionaries.”

Marie Skoczylas. University of Pittsburgh. “Understanding Anarchist Theory in Social Movement Practice.”  

Martin Portos García. European University Institute. “Unpacking the Virtuous Circle: Aggrieved Protesters, Eventful Protests, or both at the Same Time?”

Session 4

Discussant: Nancy Whittier, Smith College. Presider: Nancy Diaz, University of Notre Dame

Sarah N. Gaby. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. “Malleable Collective Identities: Social Movement Organizations and Inequality Discourse.”

Justin C. Van Ness. University of  Notre Dame. “Quadrant of Transmission: The Conscious and Unconscious Foundations of Protest Situations.”  

Marcos Emilio Pérez. Colby College. “Personal Backgrounds, Activist Experiences, and the Process of Becoming an Activist.”  

Hajar Yazdiha. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. "Racializing the American Muslim Rights Movement: How Racial Identity Formation Shapes Movement Strategy."