2016 Conference

The Seventh Annual Young Scholars in Social movements Conference schedule is below

Session 1

Discussant: Ashley Currier, University of Cincinnati​​​​, Presider: Will Cernanec, University of Notre Dame

Minyoung Moon.  Vanderbilt University.  “Effective Movement Coalitions for Legislative Changes: A Comparative Analysis of Feminist Legislative Campaigns in South Korea.”

Crystal Nicole Eddins.  Michigan State University.  “Seeds of Discontent: Antecedents to the Haitian Revolution, 1750-1791.”

Julie Moreau.  Northern Arizona University.  “Queering Citizenship?:  Same-Sex Marriage and Lesbian Visibility in Argentina.”

Session 2

Discussant: David Cunningham, Washington University, Presider: Leslie MacColman, University of Notre Dame

Eulalie Laschever.  University of California, Irvine.  “Determinants of Changes to State-Level Firearms Restrictions before and After the Sandy Hook Shooting.”

Corinne Ogrodnik.  University of Pittsburgh.  “Contentious Coalitions and Movement Divisions: Factors Motivating an Unlikely Alliance between Environmental Movement Organizations and Gas Companies.”

Steffen Blings.  Cornell University.  “Niche Parties and Social Movements: Mechanisms of Programmatic Alignment and Party Success.”

Soon Seok Park.  Purdue University.  “Remembering Kwangju: Memory Work in the South Korean Democracy Movement, 1980-1987.”

Session 3

Discussant: Suzanne Staggenborg, University of Pittsburgh, Presider: Marshall Taylor, University of Notre Dame

Kelly Bergstrand.  University of Texas, Arlington.  “The Advantaged Cause:  Grievance Evaluations and Social Movements.”

Jonathan Horowitz.  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  “Explaining Activist Participation Before and After College Graduation.”

Hyun Woo Kim.  Pennsylvania State University.  “The Social Movement Society Revisited: Accounting for the Increasing Willingness of the U.S. High School Seniors to Protest, 1976-2014.”

Michelle Oyakawa.  The Ohio State Univesity.  “Building a Movement in the Non-Profit Industrial Complex.”

Session 4

Discussant: Nancy Whittier, Smith College. Presider: Paige Ambord, University of Notre Dame

Chandra Russo.  University of California, Santa Barbara.  “Ritual Protest: Solidarity Activists Contesting the U.S. Security State.”

Anna Paretskaya.  University of Wisconsin.  “Protest Movements and the Culture of Democratic Liberty: The Example of Street Mobilization in Russia, 2011-2012.”

Nicholas Adams.  University of California, Berkeley.  “Strategic Control Performances: American Police Departments’ Responses to the Occupy Campaigns of 2011.”  

Ruud Wouters.  Stanford University.  “Getting Public Opinion on their Side: An Experimental Study of the Effect of Protest Features on Perceptions of General Citizens.”